Marigold Baby Wipes

$12.00 - $22.50
  • Marigold Baby Wipes

Marigold soft baby wipes.

Handmade with love in Hobart, Tasmania

100% soft cotton flannel

As a new mumma, these have been one of my favorite baby items I have made.I am so excited to now offer them here in my shop!

These square cloth wipes are made of one layer of super soft 100% cotton flannel. Whether you use these to clean baby's hands, face, or bum, you'll love knowing that they are gentle on your little one's skin. As an added bonus, using reusable wipes means lowering your carbon footprint.

These are a great addition to any cloth diapering household. Folded in half, they fit perfectly in a used wipe container or warmer. I keep mine in a glass container with the organic baby wipe recipe, and then throw them into the dirty diaper bucket along with soiled cloth diapers. They wash up so nicely and ready to go again.

Machine washable either cold or hot.

What you’ll need:
– 10 Pack of Marigold baby wipes
– 3 cups warm purified water
– 1-2 tablespoons raw organic extra-virgin coconut oil
– 1 squirt organic baby wash
– 1 medium-sized glass container

Let’s get started!

1. Start by mixing the warm water and baby wash in a jug.
2. Melt the coconut and incorporate into the water mixture
3. Place the folded baby wipes into the glass jar and pour over the water/coconut mixture.
4. You’re ready to use your all-natural wipes on baby!