Caring for your Marigolds

Marigold Reusable Facial Rounds and Facial Wipes.

Machine washable. 

To ensure that your item isn't lost in your machine, use a laundry bag or muslin bag that is provided with the Marigold facial rounds. 

Cold wash is best for the environment and for your rounds. 

I recommend to air dry however you can machine dry at a low setting.

For tough stains soak in an antibacterial - stain removing laundry powder. 

Marigold Nursing Pads.

Machine washable.

Pads can be placed in the washing machine with your normal wash on a cool cycle but to keep them at maximum absorbency please don’t use fabric softener. 

Dry them in the sun to help remove any stains. 

I recommend not tumble drying them to avoid damaging the waterproof layer.